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Christening gifts

Are you a Godparent?
As a Godparent, you would be responsible for the spiritual wellbeing of the person being christened.

Suitable gifts for a child might therefore include a children's Bible, a silver St Christopher pendant , or a cross on a chain . These items can be delivered in personalised boxes for this special occasion. For very young children, these would have to be put away for the future, but then, being a Godparent is all about the child's future.

These gifts are also suitable for an adult, although a different edition of the Bible might (!) be preferable.

Other Guests
It's generally a good idea to leave the bibles to the Godparents - you don't want to get the same as them, after all. Other traditional gifts include a moneybox for future savings, silver christening mugs, children's breakfast china sets and similar. A beautiful hardback edition of a classic children's story also makes a lovely gift, which will be cherished in the future, even if the child is currently too young to appreciate it.

Show additional thought with a personalised item. How about a special Christening candle ?

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