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Christmas is when over half of all our year's present buying happens. For some people this can be a bit of a nightmare, but in many ways it is easier to shop for Christmas presents than for birthday presents.

We're here to help, with ideas specific to someone's hobbies and interests, grouped into the categories in the bar on the left (e.g. 'Food/Drink'). All you need to do is think about what the person likes, and look at that category. If you can't find a present specific to the person there are plenty of opportunities to buy gifts that are specific to Christmas. Things that are only used at Christmas can make original presents. Christmas items might include Christmas mugs, tableware, decorations, books, socks, clothes and videos, not to mention the food and wine.

Also see our 'Christmas trimmings' page with a selection of decorations, cards, and things to help you enjoy advent and get into the Christmas spirit for your best Christmas ever.

If you're feeling creative and have the time to put a little effort in, adults like Christmas stockings too. Take a look at our Christmas stockings page.

Other Christmas gift ideas might be a Christmas runner or other table decoration for someone who is entertaining on Christmas Day, a seasonal book to read (anything from Dickens to Terry Pratchett to Garfield the cat!), or a DVD to watch, or anything else to spread the Christmas spirit. Here's some suggestions for 'Christmassy' presents: