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Christmas stockings

If you're feeling creative and have the time to put a little effort in, a Christmas stocking can make a very special gift, especially for an adult. We put one together for my husband's 80 year old Grandma when she stayed with us a year or two back and she was thrilled. It was her first stocking for over 70 years. You'll be surprised how quickly this becomes a treasured tradition with the adults as well as the children!

For a really special present, why not give a personalised stocking. Click here for a choice of personalised stockings and santa sacks.

Remember Christmas stockings should be fun, a little reminder of childhood.

Great Christmas Stockings
There are a few items that are compulsory in stockings, although these vary from house to house. In our house, stockings always have:-

  • a satsuma and chocolate coins in the toe
  • a Christmas cracker
  • a chocolate tree decoration
  • a comic (preferably the Christmas edition)
  • (for my husband) a bottle of Christmas beer

Other popular 'basics' may well include nuts, socks, hankies, a book and a favourite bar of chocolate. With a few items chosen to suit the recipient's hobbies and interests you can easily create a very special gift. I find around 12-15 items works well, including the basic stocking fillers, but they must all be small enough to fit in. If you find you are still short of items once you've finished your main Christmas shopping, have a look around your supermarket for some final bits and pieces. I highly recommend Hawkins Bazaar for unusual stocking fillers for both adult and children - I've been using them for years.

Don't forget to buy a stocking if you don't have one already, or a home made stocking or a personalised one, adds a really personal touch. Have a look at these suggestions for stocking fillers.