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Easter eggs are traditional, but don't have to be childish or boring as there's a huge range of chocolate eggs these days, and other Easter gifts, if you want to be a bit different. If you're buying for a child, you may wish to consider an Easter book instead of chocolate this year. It will last much longer.

For a change of theme, try a gift relating to spring and new growth.

Of course, flowers are an obvious spring gift, either for the vase or the garden, and a lovely gift to take with you if you're away for Easter.

When my children told me that Easter was their favourite time of year (after Christmas!) I realised that the way they receive their Easter gifts and the way they spend their day, is as important as the gift itself. There's always a treasure hunt to follow, so they really feel they've earned their Easter treats, and they love decorating boiled eggs and then going egg rolling, and family and friends getting together for a roast dinner, and a chocolatey dessert (or their Easter eggs!)

If you are having a day with family and friends, don't forget the grown ups - they like chocolate too!

Here are some ideas for easter gifts...