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New baby gifts

Shopping for a gift for a new baby is a real pleasure, whether you're shopping for the baby or the parents. Your choices will depend on whether already know whether it is a boy or a girl (If you don't, it is safest to avoid either pink or blue - yellow or white are good choices), and whether it's the first child in the family.

The first child needs more clothes, toys and equipment, so it may be worth talking to the parents in advance to see what they need. Where you're shopping for a third or fourth child you may find that the most appreciated gift is a big bag of nappies, or even better, an evening of baby sitting, or a day taking the older children out. If you send a present somewhere there are big brothers and sisters, send a parcel for them too, even if it's only something small.

If you are shopping for baby clothes, consider buying them one or two sizes up, because you can have too many first size clothes, which they don't fit in for long in any case, especially for big babies. However if you are buying something to fit in 6 months time, remember the weather could be very different then, and choose appropriately.

Baby toys and books are also appropriate gifts, or how about some of these?