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New home gifts

If this is a house warming gift for a first house / flat, ideally find out what they want, as there's likely to be something they need. Alternatively, good ideas are wine, flowers and houseplants, or more original, herbs, or plants for the garden, perhaps a hanging basket (and bracket), or window basket, maybe planted up.

If you're buying for your children's first home, you probably know what they need. Think about what they use all the time. Also consider whether there is anything you already have in the house that they are the only person to use - they could just take it with them, freeing some of your kitchen space!

In the US there is a lovely tradition of gifts for a new home
  • Bread - so that you never go hungry
  • Salt - so there is always spice in your life
  • A Candle - so that you will always have light
  • Sugar - so your life will be sweet

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