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Retirement gifts

Length of service can be marked by the date they started work - check out these suggestions for gifts relating to a particular date such as a newspaper from the day they started work . This range of decanters and glasses can be personalised for the perfect retirement gift.

Is there something in their workplace that means a lot to them? Their chair, their tools or something else that belongs to the employer - arrange for it to be given to them for posterity (remember that Magnus Magnusson has the original Mastermind chair!).

Celebrating the Escape!
Think about what the retiring person is going to be doing to inspire you with an idea for an original retirement present. What are their hobbies and interests? What will they spend their time doing, so what could you give them that would help? Or perhaps just some presents to help them relax and enjoy their new lifestyle. A selection of wine and an adopt a vine gift would be an appreciated choice for a wine lover. Also follow this link to name a rose or dedicate a tree.

Retirement is a great time to have a laugh and reminisce. Why not get a caricature of the person, perhaps with one or two colleagues, or with their particular tools/environment?

There are usually also running jokes going around the office - make a point of bringing these up!

Keep in Touch
When someone has been working in one place for many years, it's often a shock to not be involved any more. Send an occasional email or make a phonecall, just to let them know what's going on where they used to be.

Personalised gifts, or something specific to the person will always be the best option, but if you're short of time or ideas, how about the following suggestions: