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Romantic gifts

Giving your partner a gift 'just because..' is a great way to make them feel special and to show you are thinking of them. Although it's vitally important to remember your partner's birthday, your wedding anniversary and Valentine's Day, the non obligatory events can be even more romantic and appreciated.

There are lots of reasons and excuses to have a romantic celebration, or buy a gift. How about a gift to take on holiday (sure to start the holiday on the right note), a romantic evening to celebrate a success, or a Friday!

And most importantly of all, those personal anniversaries - your first meeting, first date, first kiss...

The most romantic gifts are those that are personal to the recipient. If you spent your honeymoon in Italy, a pasta bowl could be romantic. If she's always wanted to sleep in a four poster bed, then that's romantic. If he's always wanted to drive a soft top car on a sunny day, then hire one, (or buy one!) Don't forget the picnic!

And all these items are pretty much romantic by definition.