Special birthdays - milestone birthdays

Whether you are shopping for someone who is 16, 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, or even more, we all know that marking those decades and special birthdays is important.

Follow the links on the left for ideas specific to the particular birthday being celebrated, and see below for some special gifts which would be appreciated at almost any age.

For an original, even unique gift, follow this link and choose from a wide range of personalised gifts that really show you care.

For other ideas for that perfect birthday present, for him, or for her, you need to think about their hobbies and interests and use this information to give you ideas for that special gift.

If you've already tried this, and you are still stumped for that special birthday present, then I suggest the following approach:-

If you can't find an original gift, then think about creating an experience or a memory for them.

  • Take them on a surprise outing, and give them their gift while they're there. The outing will actually be the main gift, so the parcel is more of a token gesture. Wrap it in a pretty box with plenty of ribbons etc. for maximum impact. You could even theme the gift to match the outing. For example a trip to the zoo could include a gift adopting their favourite animal, or a trip to a concert might include a CD or t-shirt
  • Throw a party, surprise or otherwise. If you can theme it to their likes or interests, even better, and you can choose a gift to match the theme. Again the real present is the party.
  • Buy them a voucher for an experience, with a small gift to match the theme. Click here for a really good selection. This is a great gift idea for men who can be difficult to buy for.
  • Choose something you know they like (possibly something you buy for them every year) and give it a twist. For example if they like chocolate fingers, buy them a huge box, if they like crisps, buy them a box of 50, champagne, buy a magnum (and you might get to share it!), wine, put together a crate of your own choice, or order a mixed crate (or a crate of their favourite) from a wine seller, or buy them a subscription which sends them chocolates (or cake, or puddings, or whisky etc.) every month for a year. Not only is this bound to be appreciated, but it should make them smile, and can result in a very impressive looking present (have you ever seen a box of 50 crisps wrapped up?!) or something that will last all year.

If all else fails, find an unoriginal gift (or lots of smaller gifts) and give it/them in an original way.

  • If it's small you could wrap it in lots of layers of paper or boxes, pass the parcel style. The outer layer should be as big as possible for maximum effect.
  • Set a treasure hunt with clues and the present at the end. This could be as simple or as complicated as you choose. It could involve a tour of all their local friends and relatives, to give them a day they will really remember, perhaps with photos (or baby photos!) as clues. You will have as much fun setting this as they will have following it.
  • If you buy several small items you can make them special by wrapping them beautifully and combining them in a pretty gift bag, or stack them in a tower of boxes. With lots of small gifts you can be confident that you're included something they like, and the attractive presentation and the effort of preparation will be appreciated.
  • Find a special way to present your gift, which is appropriate for the gift. For example, buy some clothing, and wrap it in clothing shapes and hang it on a washing line, hide gardening presents in the garden, or cooking gifts in the kitchen.
  • Add something to a small gift to make it special. For example, give a DVD with popcorn, a bottle of wine, and perhaps a pizza, or add a selection of toiletries to a towel, or include a selection of ingredients and a cookbook with a cooking pot. The added thought is always appreciated.