Still No Idea What to Get?

We all know people who are difficult to buy for, who are always the last person to be ticked off the Christmas shopping list - parents often fall into this group! However with a bit of thought, creativity and some help from us, you can become a master at giving imaginative presents. First of all, decide why the person is difficult to buy for:
  • People with no hobbies or interests
  • The person who has everything
  • I don't know them well enough to know what they like or what they already have

Reason 1: People with no hobbies or interests
This is in fact rarely true, even if the person has no interests further than eating their supper and watching the television, that's at least something to go on. You could buy them something to eat or drink while watching, something to eat or drink out of, or an item related to their favourite television programmes.

If their interests fail to inspire you, work on the basis that all humans have certain things in common. We all eat, offering possibilities in the food / cooking line, wear clothes, wash (most people anyway!) and many people have gardens, homes and cars, all of which may help with ideas. Alternatively choose a present relating to the event e.g. Christmas napkins, 40th birthday socks etc.

Reason 2: The person who has everything
This is increasingly a problem. However, ingenious product developers are coming up with all sorts of novelties and gadgets which the person probably doesn't have. Try browsing under their interests and hobbies - you may well find something new.

Then there are the consumable products which need replacing. Suggestions include food, clothing, writing paper, plants for the house and the garden, and toiletries. Less obvious ideas include those things that wear out more slowly. When did they last have new towels, non-stick pans, doormats, place mats, table linen?

One way of solving the "having everything" problem is to buy a unique item. Try buying something relevant to an event, something personalised , or even make something yourself.

Try these categories:-
  • Food and drink

Reason 3: I don't know them well enough to know what they like or what they already have
As friends and families become more spread out geographically this is increasingly a problem. Possible solutions are:-

Buy them something they are not old enough for yet. It can wait in the cupboard until they are, and you are much less likely to buy them something they already have. This works best with young children who are the oldest in their family. Alternatively buy something they can't have too much of, like building bricks, wooden railway track, paper and art supplies, or even socks and t-shirts. Gifts based on their parents hobbies (e.g. a mobile of boats for the child of a family who enjoy sailing) can be popular presents.

Buy them a unique item such as something personalised, or something consumable that they cannot have too much of.

Buy them flowers or helium balloons or something no one has ever bought them before, such as a children's video they used to enjoy, or something original from their interest categories.

Get something relevant to an event rather than an interest - they are unlikely already to have it.