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Wedding gifts

Some advice when shopping for wedding gifts, based on our personal experience!

Keep to the List
The Wedding List is an obvious place to start - these are gifts that the newlyweds really want. They might not be glamorous, but at least they'll be appreciated.

Stay Away From...
...anything large that's not on the Wedding List! Many newlyweds are strapped for cash, and they would rather you spent £10-£100+ on something they need than something you like but they don't!

...but Show You Care
Even if you stick to the wedding list, you can also add in something personal, to show that you really appreciate being part of their special day. There are some ideas below which can either be added to a gift on the wedding list, or would be appropriate gifts if there isn't a list.

Going Away Bag
When we went on honeymoon, we were given a bag with a few essentials in it and some little gifts that meant a lot. Here are a few ideas:

  • The bride and groom are often too busy and excited to eat during the wedding, so put in some special biscuits, or individually wrapped muffins or similar - whatever you know they like best.
  • Add an extra roll of film, as they're bound to run out (if they haven't gone digital!). Some spare AA batteries might be useful too.
  • A book to read at the airport, or a puzzle book
  • Chocolate hearts or their favourite chocolate bars
  • Pink and blue toothbrushes (ande perhaps a travel toothpaste)
  • Bath or massage oils (make sure any scented items don't taint any food items)
  • Small bottle of wine or champagne (or even beer if that's their preference)
  • A romantic candle
  • CD of romantic music, or an MP3 player with romantic music loaded into it
  • If you're really organised, get some photos developed during the reception, and hand them over when the couple leave!
  • A 'wishing you happiness' book

After the Wedding
Think about how the couple will feel after the wedding, and arrange something that will make them feel special for a while afterwards.

Consider having something ready for them when they get back from honeymoon - a framed photo, or other personalised gift.

Send them a full set of the photos you took at the wedding - most effective if you go out of your way to take unusual ones at the wedding and reciption, rather than just the official shots.

For close friends and relatives
Do you have access to their house? Fill up the freezer, or arrange for flowers to be delivered when they get back from honeymoon. It's all too easy to go through the wedding and honeymoon on a high, then come back down to earth with a bump! We came home from our honeymoon to a 'welcome home' card stuck up on the internal entry door, which was a lovely surprise. It doesn't have to cost a lot to mean a lot...

Have a look at these suggestions for wedding gifts